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Luis Inostroza Pino

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Chilean-born associate researcher from the Dresden University of Technology, Luis Inostroza Pino is a highly proficient Urban Development specialist with 14 years of experience acquired in a series of demanding roles within public administration, consultancy, education and researching at international level. A skilled and experienced presenter, trained in political environment, with strong educational experience at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

CLAS had the honor to welcome Dr. Luis Inostroza Pino and his seminar Urban Economics in Latin America – The  Economics of Cities and Regions in Latin America“ (5RE481) between 3rd and 14th of December 2012. This course provided students with practical and theoretical knowledge about the main economic forces that lead to the existence of cities and regional agglomerations, and explored a range of topics related to current issues in urban and regional economics in Latin America.

Syllabus of the seminar:

Introduction to Urban Economics

  • Principles of Urban Economics: The city as an economic engine
  • Urban Structure, Growth and the Development Process
  • District and Land rent theories
  • Land markets, Valorisation and taxation
  • Concepts of geostatistics (spatial statistics)
  • Measuring urban characteristics (assignment of the study case proposal)
  • Video conference and discussion

Urban and regional economics in LA

  • Geographical context and urban configuration
  • Urban asymmetries. Social and Equity Issues: the Latin American urban profile
  • Land markets in LA: Informality, Gentrification, main trends in real state markets
  • Land use regulations and transportation
  • A tentative model of the Latin American city
  • Video conference and discussion
  • Group presentations of study cases