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José de Arimatéia da Cruz

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Associate Professor of International Relations and Comparative Politics from the Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah, Georgia (USA), José de Arimatéia da Cruz focuses his research on human rights, foreign policy, media, politics, international trade and much more. In his works, he mainly pays attention on the developing countries of Africa and Latin America. He wrote a large number of excellent books as The Next Phase of Latin American Development: Business and Society; Latin America in the New International System: Challenges and Opportunities and American Politics: Transformation and Change.

CLAS has had the honor to welcome Dr. José de Arimatéia da Cruz twice: first with his seminar “Latin American Politics and Society” (5RE481) between 23rd April and 4th May of 2012; and second with his seminar “Economic Policy and Social Systems in Latin America” (5RE456) between 11th and 22nd March of 2013.

His seminars have provided students with a theoretical and practical knowledge about contemporary political problems in Latin America, as well as political, social and economic trends that affect the region as a whole.