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Ángel María Casas Gragea

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The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) within the Faculty of Economics had the honor to welcome Dr. Ángel María Casas Gragea from the Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico, who gave a seminar “Relations between the European Union and Latin America” (5RE456)” from 13th of October to 24th of October 2014.

Dr. Ángel Casas is a recognized expert in the field of economics, integration and international trade, he is author of many important books and articles. He focuses mainly on the territory of Central and Latin America. He has lectured at many prestigious universities throughout the world, including in Spain, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. For his research project he collaborated with the Inter-American Development Bank.

Syllabus of the seminar:

  • Regional integration in Latin America. Organizations and institutions in LA (Mercosur, Andean Pact, OAS, CEPAL) and the inspiration from the European integration model.
  • Mutual relations between the EU-LA- I : Political, social, cultural and economic relations between Europe and Latin America.
  • Mutual relations between the EU and LA – II: Institutionalized dialogue between the EU and LA. Dialog from San Jose, Grupo del Rio, Central America.
  • The rise of leftist governments (Venezuela, Bolivia)
  • The specific role of Cuba
  • Specialized EU-Mercosur dialogue and development cooperation .
  • The political and economic crisis in Mercosur and their impact on relations with the EU, the Argentine crisis at the turn of century.
  • Trade flows between the EU and Mercosur. The issue of import duties and other trade barriers.
  • Cooperation EU-Andean Association
  • Spain and Latin America. Latin American politics. Foreign Policy of the PP and PSOE
  • The peace process in LA. Internal and international dimensions of conflicts in LA. Terrorism, drugs and EU development aid.