Andrés Solimano

Chairman of the International Center for Globalization and Development (CIGLOB), Santiago de Chile, PhD. Andrés Solimano focuses his research on economy, finance, international relations and foreign policy, globalization and the impacts of these topics on society, paying special attention to Latin American countries. He wrote a large number of books, as Chile and the Neoliberal Trap: the Post-Pinochet Era; Broken Borders. The International mobility of People and Elites in the Age of Globalization and  International Migration in Latin Amerca: Boom, Crisis and Development.

CLAS had the honor to welcome PhD. Andrés Solimano and his seminar “Globalization, Development, Crises and the Latin American Experience” (5RE481) between 2nd and 13th April of 2012.

 Syllabus of the seminar: 

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