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Welcome to the Latin American Studies Center! The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) is a research center from the University of Economics, Prague. The main focus of the Center is on the economic and regional research of Latin American countries.

CLAS  collaborates in pedagogical and research activities with similar centers operating both in Latin America and Europe. Organize roundtables, workshops, debates and serves as academic platform to bring together the best experts in this field.

CLAS  cooperates with the private sector, providing advisory and consulting services  and expert support for companies which want to establish trade relations with countries in Latin America.

CLAS supports students and teachers with Latin American universities through exchange programs, visiting professors and research collaborations.

CLAS  works in close cooperation with all the Latin American embassies in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, CLAS  also organizes professional conferences, seminars and workshops for students, researchers and businessmen interested in Latin America and their work with the European Union.

The Center for Latin American Studies from the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE), a public university located in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic. It is the biggest university of economics, with about 20,000 students, and has been recognized for four consecutive years as the best business school in Central and Eastern Europe. More than seven hundred teachers develop their teaching work in close collaboration with foreign universities, the result of strong international orientation of the VŠE.

CLAS has benefited from the presence of visiting professors of international prestige as the prof. Diego Sanchez Ancochea, University of Oxford (Great Britain); PhD. Andrés Solimano, director of the International Center for Globalization and Development (Chile); prof. Dr. Joseph Arimatéia da Cruz, Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Georgia (USA); and prof. Dr. Genaro Sanchez Barajas, of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, among others.