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The mission of the Academic board is to encourage the development of the academic, pedagogical and scientific activities of the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS).

The Academic Board assists CLAS in working with various local, regional, and national institutions to foster research, facilitate networking, and attract resources to support its mission within the University.

The CLAS Board of Advisors is composed of distinguished individuals from Czech government, similar centers, universities, and the community who have a strong interest in the Latin American region.

The Director of CLAS recommends individuals to be named to the Board of Advisors. The Board formally meets twice a year (usually in May and September). In addition, the Board may meet at other times as recommended by the Chair of the Board of Advisors and the Director of CLAS. Current members of the CLAS Academic Board are:


Doc. Ing. Vladimír Benáček, CSc.
IES FSV, Charles University
Ing. Milan Hovorka
Vice-Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
PhDr. Helena Opolecká
Green Office
Prof. Dr. Josef Opatrný
Director, Center for Latin American Studies, Charles University
Prof. Dr. Vladimír Kremsa
National Polytechnic Institute
Prof. Ph.D.M.A. Evžen Kočenda
CERG-EI, Charles University
Ing. Peter Jacina
Czech Republic Embassy in Santiago, Chile
Ing. Edita Hrdá
Czech Mission at the United Nations in New York
Prof. RNDr. René Wokoun, CSc.
Rector of Univerzita Jana Evangelisty Purkyně